A Tale Of Two Narratives

“For a large, established company, having to use an executive recruiter to find its next CEO carries a profoundly bad aroma. It means that the directors failed at one of their most important duties: succession planning. Behind this first failure, a second one lurks: The Board probably gave the previous CEO free rein to promote and fire subordinates in a way that prevented successors from emerging.”

Jean-Louis Gassée, Monday Note 


I spoke with Todd Brix, Microsoft’s General Manager, Windows Apps and Store, and he … [said] “Right now, I wouldn’t trade places with anyone in terms of our prospects.”

… But of course it’s not just the mobile story that Microsoft is counting on to regain the lead. Interestingly, it’s the integration story with its other successful lines of business which will help lift its mobile line to surpass Apple’s within four years.

Mark Fidelman, Forbes

So either the Titanic Microsoft is slipping under the water, having already struck the iceberg, or it’s poised for exponential growth in a carefully planned comeback.